Privately Modified Rolex, The Rolex Store Is Not Responsible For Maintenance

Mr. Jhon has a special liking for the modification of rolex. In his eyes, the modified rolex not only has personality, but also is very cool. So he modified his rolex. The modified Rolex is full of arrogance, full of dense diamonds, sparkling in the hands, how dazzling and dazzling. Seeing Mr. Jhon’s watch, the company’s colleagues, especially female colleagues, seem to be very kind and talkative.

The Privately Modified Rolex
The Privately Modified Rolex

Mr. Jhon didn't say anything, but his heart was very good. A few days ago, the modified rolex fell heavily on the ground, and then there was a problem, so he quickly went to the Rolex customer service center. As a result, it was found that Rolex did not provide any repair service because it was a modified rolex. This time he is depressed: obviously it is a rolex bought by a specialty store, just looking for someone to set a diamond, but not a fake rolex, why not repair it ?

Of course, you can't blame Rolex. Basically all brands are not responsible for repairing modified watches. Although Mr. Jhon bought a genuine Rolex, he has set diamonds on his bezel. The appearance is very different from the original rolex. It has not been the appearance of Rolex, and naturally it does not enjoy the maintenance service provided by Rolex.

From the point of view of maintenance, the modified rolex watch seems to enjoy the "fake rolex" treatment. But the problem is that a modified watch cannot be simply understood as a fake watch. The so-called modified rolex watch often refers to reprocessing on the basis of the original watch. The scope of the modification is mainly the appearance parts, such as the case, dial, bracelet and so on. These areas are exposed and it is easy to see the effects of the modifications. Although the movement is also modified, it is relatively uncommon.

Therefore, the main problem encountered by friends who want to modify their rolex watches is after-sales. In other words, if the after-sales problem can be properly solved, then the modified watch can be played with confidence. So my advice is that you can consider buying high quality rolex replica watches for retrofits, inlaid with real diamonds and more!

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